Core Alliance Management is a full service property management company serving California’s San Fernando Valley. One of the topics we enjoy discussing the most is – why work with us? It’s easy for us to tell you about why we are the right property managers for you. Our company believes in being simple, honest, and reliable. That’s how we run our business, and today we are sharing a few examples of how we put those values into practice.

Simple Management Fees

First, we let you as a landlord choose your management fee. What you pay depends on what you need from us. Our company believes in simplicity, and so we follow a flat fee pricing model. This means that as the rental price of your property changes or increases, your management fee stays the same. While other companies might charge you a percentage of your rental income, we prefer to ask for one flat rate, regardless of how much your tenants pay you in rent.

Required Renter’s Insurance

At Core Alliance, it is mandatory for all tenants to have renter’s insurance. We believe this is an extra layer of protection for your investment property, and it also protects the tenants and their personal belongings.

Placing High Quality Tenants

Finally, as we are advertising your property and looking for tenants, we aren’t just looking for any tenant. We want to find the right tenant for your home; a reliable tenant who is highly qualified. That tenant is someone who is responsible and meets the expectations of the landlord. Those expectations might be simple, such as paying the 3 Reasons to Work with Core Alliance Managementrent on time and taking care of the property. The right tenant will also follow the terms of your lease agreement and be easy to communicate with.

These are just a few reasons why landlords and tenants should work with us. There’s a lot more to tell you about our services and how we can help you with your rental property. Please contact us at Core Alliance Management.